Mechanical weeding of a row of vines at the Château de France in Léognan, Gironde, Nouvelle-Aquitaine. October 2020.


Mechanical weeding
Romax Viti is a compact and multitasking autonomous robot that can easily be used for mechanical weed control. A real substitute for the use of phytosanitary products, it is ideal for winegrowers concerned about the health of plants, soils and the environment.
You can attach your plows to the viti cat 1-2 3-point linkage.

Researchand development


Intelligent processing
Romax Viti will be able to identify diseases thanks to its sensors, geolocate them to establish a health assessment of the plot, alert the winegrower who will adopt the appropriate treatment in a specific area. Assisted health management, an ecological issue to reduce inputs while preserving the harvest.

Skills and commitment

Romax Viti is made up of a team of robotics-computer engineers and is specialized in viticulture, by training, by passion.
Led by Christophe Négrier, a graduate of the OIV MSC IN WINE MANAGEMENT and the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin in Mechanics, Romax Viti develops robotic tools and functions to help winegrowers in their work in the vineyard. In relation with crop managers to better meet their needs, in conjunction with professional organizations motivated to develop wine-growing practices that respect the environment and the quality of the harvests.

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