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The autonomous wine robot in videos in the vineyards

Currently under development, Romax Viti is an autonomous wine-growing robot capable of moving alone in the vines, carrying out the necessary work thanks to its 3-point linkage. Wherever it has been seen it is greeted with enthusiasm!
In fact, easy to use and handy from its remote control, it convinces the winegrowers it meets of its ability to tow plows up to 400kg to work the soil.
In demonstration, it proves that it is autonomous and can move by centering itself in a row of vines, turn thanks to its sensors to make a turn and go straight again into another row of vines. He avoids the obstacles in front of him.
It is indeed an autonomous robot under development, its marketed version will be different from the one you can watch in the videos below.
More sensors, a power take-off, a hull and much more!
With an autonomy of more than 10 hours on Li-Ion batteries, it recharges in 5 hours.

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Vitisphère report

march 2021

L’hebdo “Le Résistant”

mars 2021

On-line “Les Echos”

mars 2021

Magazine “Viti”

February 2021

Article published in “la Vigne”

January 15, 2021

In the press! Here is the news!

November 19, 2020

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Spring 2021 videos

The robot on a climb

Fall 2020 Videos

The autonomous wine robot in a few words

Easily controllable from its remote control. Hitch a plow in 1 minute!

The autonomous wine robot avoids an obstacle in a row of vines

The autonomous robot tows a vineyard plow weighing 400 kg in a row of vines #1

The autonomous robot automatically centers itself in the row of vines

Leaving the warehouse to work the soil in a plot

The autonomous wine-growing robot works in the row of vines

The robot guided by a winegrower tows a vineyard plow weighing 400 kg in a row of vines #2

The developing wine robot

Here are photos of the robot under development during demonstrations or trials in the Aude and Bordelais vines.


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Take part in a demonstration of the ROMAX VITI autonomous robot

You are a winegrower, interested in the Romax Viti robot, contact us and we will agree together on a demonstration date close to your vineyard.

In the meantime, we are at your disposal to answer your questions.