Robotautonomous winegrower


Why a wine robot?

Robotics reconciles economy and ecology by supporting winegrowers in their ecological transition. Because this autonomous wine-growing robot does not count its hours and can therefore weed your plots of vines as often as necessary and adapt to the needs of the grape varieties or to climatic conditions. This is why choosing Romax Viti is a solution for the future that meets your problems.
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Mechanical weeding


Why choose the Romax Viti wine robot

With a distribution of its mass on the tracks, the Romax Viti robot does not compact the ground. Easy to transport, it can work on any type of soil, even those with a slope of 25 °. Designed for soil work, it can spray very well (contact us for more information).

Without CO2 emissions, the autonomous robot is part of the energy transformation modes. Thus your vines are not subjected to greenhouse gases, besides the dust generated by the passage of the robot is very low.

You can, thanks to the work carried out by Romax Viti, concentrate on other tasks, whether in the vineyard or in the cellar.


  • Robot width: 90cm (M version)
  • Max power: 12 kW
  • Max torque: 2000 Nm
  • Slope: 45 ° (without load)
  • Tilt: 40 ° (without load)
  • Crossing capacity: 30cm
  • Vacuum robot thrust: 12500N
  • Robot weight: 880kg
  • Speed: 4 to 6 km / h depending on the work to be done
  • Autonomy: Between 8 and 10h
  • Charging time: 2h – 5h (depending on the charger used)
  • Electric power: L-ION batteries
  • Autonomous navigation: GNSS RTK, accuracy 2cm

Photo of the robot in development, October 2020 at the Château de France in Léognan. The final version will be equipped with a shell, 360 ° sensors …

The advantages of the Romax Viti wine robot

The Romax Viti robot vineyard does not emit CO2 because it is completely electric and therefore does not pollute. Regular tillage avoids the use of inputs that are harmful to the environment. It generates a better distribution of working time while reducing the arduousness of repetitive tasks for soil maintenance. Thanks to its category 1-2 3-point linkage, you can keep your own tools. No additional expenses, your settings remain the same. In its development version, the autonomous robot Romax Viti tows vineyard plows of 100kg and 400kg (Romax Viti version M). Of course, in its final version, the wine-growing robot can also tow a sprayer and any tool that can be attached to a classic 3-point viti hitch. Thanks to a power take-off, to the hydraulics, you are free to work your rows of vines as you see fit.

Do not hesitate to watch our videos during the trials in different terroirs.

A technology chosen for high reliability

Romax Viti uses, among its many sensors, a high precision multiband geolocation module, embedding RTK (Real Time Kinematics) technology. This receiver combines the signals transmitted in the L1 / L2 / L5 bands by the satellites of the constellations GPS, Galileo, Glonass and BeiDou. Our algorithms coupled with the capabilities of this module make it possible to obtain positioning accuracy of the order of a centimeter in less than 2 seconds.

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