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Reduce inputs, especially herbicides by developing a mechanical weeding solution using the Romax Viti robot.

You wish to participate in our R&D concerning the reduction of inputs in the vineyard, get in touch with Romax Viti and we will collaborate together in RetD to provide a solution from 2022. Tel: 06 62 75 19 17.


Our R&D to meet the challenges of wine farms.

Romax Viti responds to the challenges of wineries by developing an autonomous robot capable of performing many tasks in the vineyard: mechanical weeding, cavaillon, mowing …
We direct our research and development to preserve the ecosystem by allowing winegrowers to significantly reduce phytosanitary products. This issue is essential in our opinion to preserve the terroirs, our vineyards, their typicity and preserve the health of the operators. Our robot does not emit CO2 and its low weight distributed on tracks respects your soil.

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Better support for winegrowers

Today, the wine sector is faced with multiple uncertainties and is concerned with a renewal of forms of innovation and R&D processes, seeking as much to improve the productivity of farms as to reduce their environmental impacts.


The Romax Viti company at its premises in Libourne developing the autonomous navigation program for the Romax Viti robot!
Valentine, graduated from ESTIA (Higher School of Advanced Industrial Technologies) and Christophe graduated from the University of Versailles Saint Quentin and from the OIV in relation with the heads of culture, the consultants of the Bordeaux Technowest technopole, of the Innovin and their supplier, a company specializing in robotics near La Rochelle.

We are able to design a robot inspired by our developing tool to adapt to your specific needs. This can indeed evolve mechanically to suit your plots. Relying on our autonomous navigation, we draw up specifications with you to meet your requests, then, from sizing to manufacturing.

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